Saturday, 29 June 2013

How To Get Twitter Followers For Free

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How to get followers on Twitter for free? Well I have created a PDF file containing an easy step by step method on how to increase your Twitter followers. This method is designed for people who choose not to pay out ridiculous amounts of money for a Twitter bot.

I manage to gain around 10 real followers per hour with this method that's 240 real followers every day without doing absolutely anything. I have used this way of gaining Twitter followers everyday to increase my profits on Twitter for 1 year and now I am sharing it. Throughout my 1 year campaign I have 7 Twitter accounts in different niches ranging from 10K-178K.

To get more Twitter followers for free through this method all you need to do is download Mozilla Firefox. I have included a Virustotal link below for proof of the file being virus-free.

Download Link (Mediafire)

Mozilla FireFox:

Virus Free: